Infant Care


Our infant program centers are staying busy with singing, reading, games, and exploring new movements and sound. Your toddler is always going to be learning new things, such as using utensils, following directions, and sharing. Additionally, we are offering a potty training program.

We know how difficult and frightening it is to leave your baby in the care of others for the first time. However, when your child is here with us you can rest easy knowing that your son or daughter is in the care of certified professionals with a passion for childcare. Your little one will stay safe and sound while engaging in learning and play critical for early development. We take great care to maintain the routines from home life, such as following normal

feeding schedules as closely as possible. Our caretakers and teachers will treat your child as the unique individual that he or she is. Every detail that you tell us matters, and we take it into account. Let us know if we can sing your little one his or her favorite lullaby while he or she holds the blanket you made. Our infant program centers are always busy with singing, reading, games, and exploration of new movements and sound. Infants need frequent attention and playtime for their healthy development, and we always provide it! Our childcare professionals spend quality time and use play in ways that contribute to healthy motor development, communication, cognitive skills, and many more important aspects of proper child rearing. Safety is our #1 priority. All of our staff are childcare experts with safety training and CPR certification. The cribs at the center have a firm mattress and are kept free of loose items and padding that could be hazardous. Even if they are sleeping in a crib there is always someone nearby, making sure that your child is happy and safe.

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